Kitchen Organizing Products

Walk into any organizing products store and you’ll see an amazing amount of items to choose from. Let’s focus on the many types of kitchen organizing products available today.

Drawer organizers and bins – This is my number one favorite thing to help organize the kitchen. These nifty dividers keep things in their place, making them easy to find and gives everything a home. You have the standard flatware tray, but there are also many other options. Many are adjustable now so they will fit most drawers. I like the drawer organizers that come with several different sizes that link together to hold them together in whatever configuration you decide.

Storage baskets and bins – These are great for cabinets. They help to group like items together and allow you to pull out a bin to get what you need instead of having to shift everything around on the shelf to get what you want. Clear bins are great for organizing small items and packets and allow you to see what’s in the bin. Square containers are more space efficient than round ones.

On Door Storage – This category includes various types of wire bins and racks that give you storage space on the inside of your cabinet or closet doors. Some are large enough to cover an entire closet door, some are small and only hold a couple items inside a small cabinet. As well, some mount to your doors with hardware, some hang over your cabinets. There are so many choices so be sure to think about your needs and preferences before you purchase anything. And be sure to measure!

Stand alone pantry – If you don’t have a pantry or a lot of cabinet space, but you do have a lot of wall space, you may want to consider a stand alone pantry. This would be like a mini cabinet that opens up to shelving for you to store food and other kitchen items. There are also rolling pantries intended to fit in between a refrigerator and counter. It’s a slim rolling unit of shelves that you can pull out when you need something.

Pull out shelves and bins – I absolutely love my roll out shelves. But if you don’t already have them in your cabinets, don’t worry. You can convert your current shelves with a kit that turns them into roll out shelves/drawers. The other alternative is wire bins that slide out placed on your current shelves. Both options allow you to reach those things in the back of your cabinets without having to pull everything out to get to them!

Free Standing Wire Shelves – These wire racks or shelves help give additional shelving space in cabinets, helping you to organize upwards. There are a great many sizes, some corner units and some are even adjustable in length. They are great for separating stacks of plates or other dinnerware, or to give you twice the shelving for shorter food items.

Shelf dividers – These wire racks help divide shelves so that you can stand pans on their sides. Also great to help organize pot and pan lids.

Lid Racks – There are wire racks available which allow you to store the lids to your pots and pans. Some hang over your cabinet, others attach by hardware.

Lazy Susans and turntables – These round spinning discs are great for making all items in a cabinet accessible and visible by spinning them to the front. They are great for cabinets as well as counters and refrigerators or wherever the need arises. They also come in double stacked carousels and some made especially for cans.

Spice racks – There are so many to choose from! You need to determine your needs before selecting a way to store your spices. Do you have a lot of them, or just a few? Do you use them daily, or only sometimes? Do you have more cabinet space, counter space or drawer space in which to put them? Will you be transferring spices into your own containers? The answers to these questions will help you determine if you go with a spice organizer that’s in the cabinet, under the cabinet, in a drawer or on the counter. Be sure to think about these things when browsing the many spice rack options. I recently got the Spice Stack spice storage unit. You can see my review here.

Free kitchen organizing products – You don’t have to pay a high premium for the latest kitchen organizing product. Some you can make yourself. Re-use plastic bins from baby wipe containers or lunch meat containers as well as containers you may come across from other products. Make storage bins out of tissue boxes or boxes of any kind. Decorate them with contact paper to make them look nice. Checkbook boxes are useful as drawer organizers as well as shoe box tops or shortening shoe boxes themselves. The possibilities are endless. Be creative and “think outside the box”.

As you can see, there are many ways to maximize space in your kitchen, and these are only a few of the many kitchen organizing products out there. Take some time to think about what you need, what your goals are. And then take some time to browse catalogs and stores to find what’s just right for you!

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