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Are you looking for organizing products to help increase your home's closet space?

It always seems like we never have enough closets and the ones we do have just don’t hold enough! Therefore, you need to be smart when organizing your closet. There are a multitude of organizing products for closets and bedrooms to help with that. Let’s review some of the many options available.

Hangers – There are many kinds of hangers to choose from depending on your needs. Plastic colored hangers are always an option, but more recently on the market are thinner space saving hangers that are also covered with a velvety surface to help keep clothes from falling off. Those hangers can also be hung cascading style to save additional space. Similarly, you can find hanger devices which hold five of your regular plastic hangers vertically to help save space. The choices are many, so determine your needs before you shop… do you need pant hangers, need cascading hangers, skirt hangers, etc.

Storage Bags – This includes hanging garment bags as well as flat bags that can go on shelves, on the floor of your closet or under your bed. Some have sections specifically for shoe organizing and some are larger for clothing or linens you want to store away.

Shoe Racks – These items come in many choices. You can buy wood or faux wood or wire shelves to put your shoes on. They’re great for an entry way as well as your closets. Other options for in your closets are hanging canvas shoe organizers and clear shoe boxes you can stack and still see what’s inside. There are also various types of shoe holders that hang on the backside of a door to save space. What you choose to use will depend on how many shoes you have and the space you have to store them.

Hat Racks – Baseball hats can be stacked together on a rack that hangs on the back of a door or even a spinning rack that hangs from a closet rod. There are also hat storage bags for on a closet shelf or under the bed.

Purse Racks – Purses can be hung on hanging racks on the backside of a door. Another option is a cubby organizer or “park-a-purse” for storing purses on a closet shelf and allows for some vertical space usage. A third option is a purse organizer that hangs from your closet rod.

Tie and Belt Spinners and Hangers – There are various types of hangers for your ties and belts. Some hangers may require you to remove some articles to get to what you want. Perhaps easier to use would be a tie or belt spinner. If you have the space, you can spin the rack around to the article you want to wear.

Hanging Organizers – These various units hang from your closet rod, usually a vinyl or canvas material. You can get them in a variety of options such as small cubbies for baseball caps, sweaters, shoes, purses or other items of choice. You can also get larger ones that may organize an entire off season wardrobe.

Shelf Dividers – These wire dividers attach to wire or wooden closet shelves and help to keep stacked items such as sweaters stacked and divided instead of falling into each other.

Drawers – You can opt for smaller portable drawer units made of wood, wire or even canvas. Or you can opt for a full sized regular dresser with drawers if space allows. This way you can put smaller items such as socks and undergarments into your closet.

Drawer Organizers – There are drawer organizers available to help you sort your socks and undergarments so they don’t become one jumbled pile of stuff. If you have difficulty keeping these smaller items neatly organized, these organizers may be just the answer.

Stand Alone Closets – If you need additional closet space you can purchase a traditional armoire made of wood to store clothes. Also available for much less are canvas covered racks that double as closet space. Some are simple and are strictly for hanging items, but some come with drawers and shelves that functions as an entire closet! Great for house guests or just for adding that extra needed closet space.

These organizing products for closets and bedrooms should help you get your closet space in better order. The possibilities are endless! Remember to think about your needs before you go out and buy some of these many organizing products. Do a little “window” shopping to see exactly what is available and will work for you!

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