Organizing Kids Rooms

I think kids bedrooms are totally fun so organizing kids rooms should be fun as well. You can be a little more daring and bold with colors and themes in there without your house guests wondering what you were thinking if you had decorated your own bedroom with hot pink walls and princess accessories throughout!

organizing kids rooms

But a pretty bedroom isn’t an organized bedroom. You still need to put together the basics for a child to learn how to take care of their own possessions. It’s never too early to start teaching them about putting their things away and treating their belongings with respect. Here are some basic things any kids room should have.

Hamper – Get a hamper for your child to put their dirty clothes in when they take them off. Both my kids were absolutely thrilled to get a hamper of their own for their bedrooms. My littlest just turned 2 and she loves to put her clothes in her hamper. And my son who is now 4 got his some time ago. He knows to put his clothes in the hamper to the point that when we were on vacation, he kept asking where the hamper was because he HAD to put his dirty clothes in there! So don’t underestimate their ability (and desire) to help with the laundry.

Toy Bins – We are lucky enough to have some extra space in our home to call the “play room” (which is actually more like a corner of the family room). Regardless, we still put some of the toys into the kids bedrooms. Therefore, they need to have storage organizers of some sort to hold these toys. I have a three tiered rack of storage bins in each bedroom. This gives them plenty of room to store quite a few toys in their room and have the capacity to sort their toys into bins instead of throwing everything into one large toy box. More toys than that is probably more than they can manage in their bedrooms.

Book Shelf – Books are very important for kids and in our home, a book before bed is a special part of the evening. Therefore, each kids room has a small bookshelf or cabinet in which to hold a couple dozen of their favorite books. They take pride in putting their books on their bookshelves. (OK, so sometimes they still need a little encouragement.)

Dresser Drawers – Organizing kids rooms includes their clothing. Everyone should have a chest of drawers in their bedroom for storing your basic clothing. It may seem strange to adults, but go ahead and put the child’s socks and underwear in a lower drawer so they can reach them by themselves until they grow taller.

Closets – When organizing kids room closets, you need to remember to make it kid friendly. Otherwise, closets are practically useless to a small child. You will need to install a closet rod that is closer to the ground so that they can learn to hang up their own clothing. You can use the upper closet rod to store clothing that’s out of season. You may also want to put in hanging organizers with shelves or pouches for them to put accessories, shoes or even toys. Another useful item might be a small portable unit of drawers if the closet is large enough. They can store their undergarments here if there is no room in a regular chest of drawers.

Decorative Hooks – You may not want lots of ugly hooks on your walls, but there are many cute hook and peg designs out there to choose from these days. These simple items will give a child a place to hang a variety of things such as hats, bags and coats.

Organizing kids rooms should go a little more easily by implementing the above items in your child’s room. Let your child help choose items and be part of the organizing process. Then encourage them to put things where they belong. It’s certainly easier to do when everything has a home (even for us adults!). And your children will be learning a useful skill that they will carry with them throughout their years.

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