Organizing Kids Rooms

(and all their stuff)

Organizing kids rooms is an entire venture on its own, and a big one!

Learning to get organized at a young age is great. It’s an important skill that children will use throughout the rest of their lives. It’s a skill that will help them do better in school and work and of course, in their home lives.

Kids come with a lot of stuff that can take over your home if you don’t keep on it. It’s not even always their fault. The amount of clothing and toys kids acquire these days is amazing! And that’s only the beginning.

Let’s think about it… children’s stuff includes their bedroom, clothes, toys, school items, outerwear, bathroom accessories, outside toys, dinnerware, and if you have the space, maybe even an entire playroom! That’s a lot of stuff to manage and keep organized so that it doesn’t dominate your home. So you can see how important it is to help kids learn to organize their belongings.

It’s hard, I will admit. I am working through this right along side all of you. But let’s break down some of these areas and tackle them one at a time. We don’t want to get overwhelmed!

Organizing Kids Bedrooms

Organizing Toys

Organize Toys Project - Before and After

Toy Storage Products

Organize Kids Books

Organizing Children's Artwork

Chore Charts

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