How to Organize Your Bathroom

Thinking about how to organize your bathroom better?

Even though the average bathroom is pretty small in comparison to other rooms in the house, it’s a very busy and crowded area shared by everyone who lives there. It’s certainly an area that needs some special attention.

Toss your bathroom clutter

The first thing to do is take a garbage bag into the bathroom with you and start going through all the cabinets and drawers and toss anything that’s unused, expired or damaged. You’ll be amazed just how time flies and things expire on you! If you toss anything you need to replace, be sure to write it down on a list for your next shopping trip.

Cabinets and drawers

If you have bathroom cabinets and drawers, great! Use them wisely. Rather than just tossing things into a drawer to eventually be a jumbled mess, choose from the many drawer and cabinet organizers on the market. Use a cutlery organizer for brushes, combs, etc. Use an organizer with smaller compartments to store those many small things a bathroom holds such as tweezers, floss, etc. Click here to see a simple bathroom drawer before and after. And don't forget about organizing your medicine cabinet so that your daily items are easily accessible.


If you don’t have a lot of cabinet space to organize your bathroom, you may be able to install some shelving. There is typically room above the toilet for a shelving unit or cabinet. Perhaps above the towel racks. But refrain from just stacking your deodorant and nail polish out in the open on these shelves or it’ll look cluttered. Consider small decorative baskets that can sit on these shelves. The baskets will make the bathroom look nice, and they’ll be functional too. You can perhaps pull down a basket containing your nail supplies or your makeup.

Another way to gain some shelving and or cabinet space is to build into the walls between the studs (pending no pipes or electrical components in the way). You can gain an attractive little cubby of shelving, or perhaps a recessed medicine cabinet.

Towel racks and hooks

Make sure there are plenty of towel racks to hang the towels. Decorative hooks might be easier for kids to manage. Do what works to get the towels up off the floor! Don’t forget hooks on the back of the bathroom door as well for hanging items.


There is no room for a hamper in either of my bathrooms. We keep those in everyone’s bedrooms. But if you have the space, it’s a nice central area to put dirty towels and laundry.

Keep the counters clear

Being able to see the bathroom counter is a major plus in my book when it comes to organizing your bathroom. The countertop and sink need to be wiped down on a regular basis because of all the splattered toothpaste and soapy spills (especially if you have kids). And there’s nothing like piles of clutter to make wiping down that counter a chore. The main thing that should be on the sink countertop is a soap dispenser. Other than that, if you can store things somewhere else, do it!

Shower and tub

If there is no built in shelving in your shower or tub area, it would be wise to invest in some alternative shelving device. There are units with numerous shelves perched on a spring pole that go from floor to ceiling. We enjoy this because it has areas for toiletries as well as toys to sit on. And there is always the over the showerhead hanging types of organizers. It helps to keep things contained and handy.

I’m sure that many of these tips to organize your bathroom seem obvious and are probably already in your bathroom. The two areas that are most important to organize your bathroom are to declutter unnecessary items and to store what you keep neatly hidden away in your cabinetry or storage products.

If you need some ideas for organizing products to help you keep your bathroom tidy, click here.

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