How to Organize Books for Kids

I have recently had to make some changes in my kids rooms to organize books.

Some time ago while researching to find the best ways to organize kids rooms I read that bookshelves were not really all that functional for kids to organize their books because they can’t get the books back on the shelves. But I skipped over it because I figured it wasn’t really as hard as people thought. And in fact, my son has always kept his books on a book shelf and has managed fine.

My daughter though, is another type all together. Where my son is mostly neat and tidy, my daughter tends to take everything out, and then can’t find the ability to put any of it away! She can turn a room into a complete disaster in a matter of minutes.

I asked her why all her books were lying in a pile on the floor. Her answer? “I can’t get the books back onto the book shelf.” And so there it was, plain as can be.

I have since fixed her problem. To organize books for her, I got myself a cardboard box that would hold a nice supply of books and I folded in the top flaps to give it more durability and decorated it with pretty wrapping paper. Total cost… less than a dollar. Maybe someday I’ll go out and buy a pretty basket that goes in her room, but it’s definitely not necessary.

organize kids books

To organizing books in this manner solves two important problems. First, it sets a limit as to the number of books she can have in her room. She can only keep as many books as can fit in this box. No overflow. Setting space limits is something we all need to learn when it comes to organizing our homes.

Second, it allows her to flip through the books to find what she wants to pull out. And when she’s done, she can simply drop the book back in at the front of the box. Or if she wants to get real fancy, she can flip to where she wants to file the book.

She said she loves it and that she can now manage her own books. So no more excuses! No more piles of books on the floor.

Learning how to organize books is only one small step in the process of her (and all children) learning how to keep her entire room more tidy and organized.

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