Home Organizing Products for the Laundry Room

Are you looking for some home organizing products for your laundry area?

Laundry rooms come in many shapes and sizes, and some aren’t a laundry room at all, but a corner of a garage. Each laundry area has its own challenges. Let’s review some home organizing products for the laundry room to help with some of these challenges.

Hanging Areas – Not all laundry rooms have a nice place to hang clothes that need to dry, or to hang dry clothes as you put them on hangers or do your ironing. There are some affordable options to add this area in a matter of minutes.

  • Small bracket that mounts to wall that when flipped up, exposes a small bar allowing space for about 12 inches of hanging space.
  • Folding racks that when unfolded provide some area to hang clothes for drying and while ironing.
  • Device that hangs over a shower rod or other pole that has 10 hangers attached to allow for drying
  • Rolling racks with a hanging rod at the top work great but take up more space.

Hampers and Sorting Laundry – There are a great variety of hampers out there which have multiple sections. You can place them in your laundry room or in the bedrooms. Allows for colors to be sorted as clothes are tossed into the hamper. There are some nice hamper units with a fold down top for using as a folding area in your laundry room.

Drawers and Caddies – Make use of that space between your washer and dryer with a narrow drawer unit or caddy. Great for storing your laundry detergents and other supplies. Makes things easily accessible.

Ironing – If you have the wall space you can install a fold away ironing center. The door slides open and the ironing board folds out. Convenient for keeping your ironing area in a small laundry room.

Shelves and Storage – There are all kinds of shelves available for helping to keep your laundry room organized. Ask yourself if you want the items to be visible, or hidden away in drawers or cabinets. Are you ok with wire shelving, or do you want something more solid like wood. A lot of it is personal preference and there are a lot of options out there.

Cabinets – These are great in your laundry area for storing your laundry supplies and so much more. They are nice in that they hide your items away. If you have the wall space, you may want to consider some cabinets for extra storage space.

Laundry Baskets – This is pretty much an assumed product necessary for any laundry area. The variety of laundry baskets available these days are huge. There are the good old plastic variety which you can’t go wrong with, but there are others that fold up for when they’re not being used, or large bags to help carry laundry and cleaning supplies.

Magnetic Baskets – These are small plastic containers that attach to your washer and dryer with magnets to help give you a little extra storage space on the side of your laundry units.

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