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Be sure to do some measuring before you go out and buy storage products. Cabinets, drawers and medicine cabinets have limited space, and shelves are only so big. So make sure you check the dimensions of the items you intend to purchase and make sure they’re going to fit into the space you have allotted.

Below are just a FEW examples of bathroom organizing products that might help you out. As each bathroom is unique, and every home owner has their own issues and needs, you just might find the solution to your needs if you look hard enough! Click on the images for more details if you wish.

Under cabinet organizers

One big issue with space under the sink cabinet is not being able to reach the items you store at the back of the cabinet. To solve this problem, use plastic bins that you can pull out, or install baskets or drawers that slide out on gliders.

Bins to put cleaning supplies or cans of products in, allows you to easily pull them outward for you to access.

I wouldn’t put this on the countertop but if you don’t have any drawers, this would give you some drawer space to organize some of those smaller items out of the way, under the sink cabinet. Be sure to find one that’s an appropriate size for your needs.

To access the back of your cabinet, a slide out basket on glides does the trick. Easy to install and helps you organize and get to all your stuff! You can find them in various configurations.

If you want easy access to your hair dryer or curling irons, you may consider a device that allows you to hang those items inside your cabinet door.

Drawer organizers

There are a multitude of drawer organizers on the market. You can use a cutlery organizer for brushes and combs. Or you can find organizers more specifically for smaller bathroom items. Be sure to measure your drawers first.

Tub and shower caddy

If you don’t have any shelves or storage in your shower or tub, you will definitely want to invest in one of the many types of tub and shower organizers available. Here are a few options.

Small baskets

Small baskets are great for organizing items into groups. And they’re decorative at the same time so they can give your bathroom a nice warm touch. Select baskets in the right size to sit on shelves out in the open. Make sure they’re not overflowing, maybe even find some with lids. Baskets can also be used in drawers, the medicine cabinet and under the sink in the appropriate sizes.

Small plastic bins and boxes

Bins and boxes may not be as attractive as baskets, but they serve their purpose. Although, there are a lot of decorative storage boxes on the market right now. Use those if you want to store items visibly on a shelf. Use clear plastic bins and boxes to store small items in drawers, the medicine cabinet or under the sink. Label them if appropriate.

Cotton ball holder

Sure, you can use a small cup to hold cotton balls and Q-tips, but I thought this nifty little holder looked great and had a dual purpose. You could stick this one in your medicine cabinet as well.

Toilet paper holders

Toilet paper holders come in a large variety of styles these days. You have your typical wall mounted or recessed versions, some that hang over the tank, or the free standing types, with or without storage. Decide what suits your needs and measure.

Magazine rack

If you have a library of magazines in the bathroom, a nice rack would be helpful to keep the neatly organized and looking a little more stylish. There are a variety of options available.

Towel rods and hooks

Don’t forget about providing enough rods and hooks for everyone to hang their wet towels, clothes and a robe. Use the walls and the back of the door for extra hook space.

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