Getting Organized Together – May

Goals for getting organized in May - The Garage, basement and closets

Let’s tackle our large storage spaces, namely our garage and/or basement and/or closets! (Not all at once!)

Organizing a garage can be a huge task, especially if it’s been nothing but a storage room for years and you have not addressed a single thing during that time. In our last home, I could see into a neighbor’s garage when it was opened. It was literally piled side to side and floor to ceiling with stuff! There was an old car in there too that was never used, and it had stuff piled up on it as well. This doesn’t make them bad people or anything. Every time I saw it though, I wanted to go down there and clear it out. It was giving off a vibration of chaos and stress, and chaos doesn’t feel good. I can’t imagine it didn’t spark some feelings in the owners as well when they went down there to try to find something. Let’s try to release the chaos in our lives, focusing on our storage areas.

It’s time to clear out that clutter, let things go, and find the things you need, want and love in that garage. You will feel a lot lighter and more clear as well. And an added bonus, you might be able to put a car in your garage!

One important rule to follow…

As always, break it down! Don’t do this all in one day! Make this into smaller tasks that suit your needs. If you want to do one item in one day, fine. But if you’re the type who still thinks that’s too big of a task, whittle away 15 minutes at a time. It will eventually get done. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish in 15 minutes!

Where to start?

I recommend you go directly to the Garage Organizing page and start there. This will give you the basic guidelines to getting your garage organized. This large task is more about taking the time to do it, so let’s keep it simple and get right to the job.

No Garage?

If you don’t have a garage, you can use the same rules to declutter and organize your basement.

No basement either? How about closets? Is there a closet, or two that could use a good decluttering and organizing this month? Here are the instructions for closet organizing.

Put your things away!

Just another friendly reminder to keep up with the practice of putting your things away when you’re done with them! This goes for your entire home. If something doesn’t have a home, find one for it!

In terms of your garage, once you’ve determined homes for your gear and items in your garage, be sure to put things back when you’re done. It’ll keep the garage clean and make it easier to find things the next time you need them. Fight the urge to just toss things into the garage to be dealt with later.

May’s summary for getting organized

So let’s review… for May, we’ll

  • Declutter the garage
  • Organize the items we keep in our garage
  • Organize a basement or closet if we don’t have a garage
  • Do it in small sessions, not all in one day

Helpful resources for getting organized:

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