Getting Organized Together – June

Getting things done efficiently by
organizing your life

When people talk about getting organized, most people tend to think about decluttering their house, tidying up those closets and putting everything into nice containers. However, being organized goes beyond just having things put away in their place. Living an organized life includes how you plan your day and how efficiently you get your chores or errands done, etc.

This month, I’d like to share a few planning and organizing tools that make the biggest impact on my home life and help me stay organized and on top of things. Even when you walk into my house and see that toys are scattered and there are piles here and there of things that need to be addressed, the following things are always in order behind the scenes: the calendar, the menu, the grocery shopping, and a daily routine.

I was born a list maker. I enjoy this part of organizing, putting pen to paper and planning things out. But even if you weren’t born with this desire to organize things, I know that with a few good systems in place, things can run more smoothly for you if you want them to.

Four Keys to Daily Organized Living

The following four items are a major backbone to keeping things running smoothly in our household. Having them in place means that daily chores (usually) get done, that appointments are kept on time, and that there is always food on the table for dinner without a panic.

Take a look at the four areas below and see if any of them strike a cord for you. Check out the link to each of them for more details.

A Good Calendar System

Meal Planning

Grocery Shopping Once A Week (with a list)

A Daily Routine

One important rule to follow…

As with any tasks, putting these tools into place will take a little time, but they will be worth it. Break them down into parts that are manageable for YOU. Tackle items one at a time until the entire task is complete. You don’t need to accomplish things all in one day. You’re not competing against anyone. You’re just trying to make progress over time. And you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish in 15 minutes!

Put your things away!

Just another friendly reminder to keep up with the practice of putting your things away when you’re done with them! This goes for your entire home. If something doesn’t have a home, find one for it!

Similarly, when putting systems into place, you need to use them. If you put together a daily routine, or a calendar system, you need to learn to use them regularly for them to work. Got it?!

June’s summary for getting organized

So let’s review… for June, we’ll

  • Put together a good calendar system
  • Start menu planning
  • Make grocery shopping easier
  • Start a simple daily routine

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