Getting Organized Together – December

Goals for getting organized in December – Tidying up and thinking ahead

Last month we talked about getting ready for the holidays… planning, making lists and preparing for food, gifts and activities. Since Christmas is still 25 days away, you still have a little more time to get these things done. On the other hand, since there is only 25 days left until Christmas, you better hurry up and get things done (especially if you have to allow time for shipping gifts). If you still need help with planning out what needs to be done, from meals to gift shopping, check out the Holiday Organizing page.

If you’ve gotten most of your stuff done for the holidays, then you can sit back, relax with a glass of eggnog and enjoy the holidays.

Things to think about…

While you’re relaxing, take a few minutes to contemplate the year ahead. What areas of your home do you most enjoy? What parts do you wish you could change, and what would you change? What in your life works for you (your calendar, bill paying method, etc.), and what doesn’t work for you? What are those things that keep staring you in the face asking to be tossed/used/given away/stored carefully, etc.? Jot some of these things down or put them to memory and start an organizing plan for the new year. Nothing fancy, please. Just get honest about what you’d like to tackle next to help you feel more comfortable and in control in your home.

Tidy Up!

The only other organizing task I dare suggest during the busy month of December is simply to tidy up. Put things away, toss garbage and clutter that doesn’t belong. Set a timer and do a 15 minute sweep through each room to put as much back into place as you can. Stick to your routines to help things stay as tidy as possible. Keeping routines and tidying up should help you get through December looking pretty good.

One important rule to follow…

Don’t try to change everything in a day. Break down your tasks into smaller sessions that are manageable. Don’t overwhelm yourself or you’ll just want to quit. Savor any progress you make. I’m sure it’ll inspire you to keep going a little more.

Put your things away!

And yes, my favorite rule of all time, put your things away! Has it sunken in yet after 12 months? Put things away when you’re not using them, and make sure they have somewhere to call their home when not being used. I truly believe this is the most basic rule of being organized…. Everything gets a home and gets put away when not in use. Now, if we can only follow this rule regularly, and get our loved ones to follow along.

December’s summary for getting organized

So let’s review… for December, we’ll

  • Refer to Holiday Organizing page if we still need to do some holiday planning
  • Tidy up each room of the home for 15 min.
  • Think about what areas of the home we’d like to improve in the coming year
  • Relax and enjoy the holidays!

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