Benefits of Getting Organized

What’s in it for you to take on the task of getting organized? Why force yourself to declutter your home, put things away, and develop systems to keep things in order? Why not just live the way you currently do? It’s not really hurting anyone, is it? Let’s think about it a little bit.

There truly are benefits to organized living. It’s not just some evil person’s plot to make you clean up and be tidy!

Save Time – One benefit to getting organized is to save yourself time. Imagine finding everything you’re looking for immediately. You know where to go to find it, and it’s there. No digging through things, trying to remember where you saw it last, wasting your time, etc. A perfect example from just the other week… I dropped off papers to register my child for school. I didn't realize they wanted a copy of his birth certificate and his current immunizations list. I drove home (3 blocks away) ran into the house, pulled that information from where it was filed and went back to complete my task and cross it off my list. (The secretary there was shocked to see me back so quick.) I would have had to go back another day if I had to search a box of papers or whatever to find what I needed. This goes for anything though, papers, kitchen utensils, laundry, sporting goods…. It applies to your entire life. So organize your stuff and save time from looking for things to use on more enjoyable activities.

Stacked organized boxes

Save Money – Everybody wants to save money! Getting organized will help you do that in several ways. Having your bills organized properly will ensure they are all paid on time, resulting in no late fees or penalties. Planning ahead for meals will help you save money on food and trips to the grocery store. In turn, it will eliminate the need to order out for dinner at the last second. It will also prevent you from buying duplicate items because you didn't realize you had one already, stashed somewhere.

Reduce Stress – Stress presents itself in many forms. Have you ever walked through your house, going around and over the toys (or clothes, or books, etc.) trying not to fall or break something (mainly your own leg)? And then walked through your house after everything just got picked up and there is a clear path? It literally feels better… it’s not as stressful. I say this from experience. In addition to less obstacles to trip over, when you’re organized, you have less stress because you know that everything has a time and a place. That there is a method or a plan and you’re not just living in chaos. You don’t have to run around frantic looking for things, being late and feeling bad because you couldn’t find whatever it was you were looking for, or even worse, you forgot the appointment or meeting entirely! You’ve got things organized, planned, and under control, and it FEELS good.

Increase Productivity – Getting organized also helps you become more efficient in what you’re doing. Everything is organized and you’re planning meals, shopping on a schedule, paying bills on time, papers are all filed where you can find them, etc. What are you going to do with all the time you’ve saved by being more efficient? Well, you can use it to be more productive! You can use this new found time to complete those things you’ve always talked about like painting that back bedroom, or taking a cooking class, or spending more time reading... whatever it is you want to do. Being better organized actually creates time for you to do things you prefer to do.

Feel Empowered – Some things you have no control over, but you DO have control over how you manage your home life. Getting your home and life in order will increase your sense of self-esteem, confidence, and pride. Wouldn’t it feel great to open your door to a friend who comes inside and says how comfortable and organized your home feels? You don’t want to gloat about it, but you should certainly feel a sense of pride. Use your new organizing and planning skills to run your entire life….. You will gain a huge sense of control and that feels good too!

Here are a few more benefits of getting organized!

  • Make dusting and vacuuming easier without obstacles to work around.

  • Improve the appearance of your home. Even if it’s not clean enough to pass a white glove test, it’ll still look great.

  • Avoid losing things, because everything has a place.

  • No more yelling and arguments because you can’t find what you need.

  • Be on time because you have a plan and you have everything you need to get out the door.

  • Make money by selling items you no longer want or need.

  • Free your mind by freeing your clutter.

  • Your home truly becomes your haven.

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