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I do a lot of thinking while I’m working around the house getting organized. I have a lot of conversations with myself about the whole realm of managing the household: what works, what doesn’t, what I enjoy, what I hate, what’s impossible, etc.

One of my most recent thoughts was that perhaps you could benefit from my thoughts as well. Perhaps I could share the conversations to myself with you and you might find something that sparks you to do something differently, come up with something of your own, improve upon my ideas, or whatever. Not to mention the fact that I would no longer be having conversations by myself!

I didn’t feel that these thoughts fell directly under the “how to” portion of my website, so I decided to deliver these to you in the form of articles or conversations to you.

I hope that by sharing my thoughts about how to get organized, you will find that you’re not alone. That organizing your life isn’t a one day adventure and then it’s smooth sailing from there on out. No, it’s an ongoing process and requires tackling it a little bit at a time. And having a little bit of support along the way is a big plus. Lucky for both of us, this is a venture I enjoy and want to share with you.

I hope that you too can find some joy and peace in planning and organizing your life!

Organizing vs. Cleaning
What’s the difference between organizing and cleaning? Which do you prefer and why? How do they work together to make a clean efficient home?

Where Did This Clutter Come From?
Where did all of this stuff come from and how did it start collecting in my home? Here are three major ways clutter starts and if not dealt with, can turn into a much larger issue.

Benefits of Getting Organized
What's in it for you to take the time and effort to clean up your home and your life and actually get organized? Is it truly worth it in the long run? Yes!

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