Adding a Closet Shelf

I have been wanting to add a closet shelf to our coat closet for quite some time now. We have an average sized coat closet that serves us quite well. However, there is one shelf that goes across the top above the rod, and that’s it. It has always bothered me that there is so much wasted space above that shelf. Unless I wanted to stack things 3 feet high, which is not very organized or functional, it was just unused space.

So, I put it on my honey do list to add an additional shelf to use that vertical space. It would be good for storing the out of season outerwear on the new top shelf, or beach towels, or bags we use less often.

Unfortunately, my husband was most of the way done with the project before I thought to snap a before photo. But I do have the after photo.

coat closet shelf

Mind you, all of this stuff was on the bottom shelf before and there was a lot of empty space above it.

Now, items we use less often are stored up top out of the way, and that bottom shelf is now mostly empty, waiting to be stocked with items I would like to keep handy. I’d like to move a few things from my linen closet to this closet.

It’s amazing what a few pieces of wood and a little time can do to make a huge difference and to use space more efficiently.

Do you suffer from small closets or lack of storage space? Be sure you’re making use of all the vertical space available in your closets by adding a closet shelf.

Next on that honey do list… paint that closet!

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