Before and After Photos of Organizing Projects

Who doesn’t enjoy before and after photos of a project? I know I love them!

Over the years I’ve tackled a few organizing projects around my home including toys, the linen closet, the garage and the living room. I always try to capture these projects with before and after photos so I can better share them with you. It’s always fun to see how a little time and effort can make big changes in a person’s home.

I decided to put all of my make-over projects here in one page for you to visit. I hope they help inspire you to take a little time to tackle a few of these small but positive changes in your own home. I also hope it shows you that most of the time, it doesn’t even require any money to make improvements! Although, there are certainly a lot of organizing products out there to help you with most of your organizing needs.

Here are the make-overs that I’ve done in my own home. Enjoy!

Garage Makeover

Garage Storage Shelf Unit

Toy Organizing Project

Spice Rack

Shoe Storage

Linen Closet

Living Room Wall Unit and Toy Project

Junk Drawer Project

Bathroom Drawer

Bedroom Dresser Drawer

Bedroom Closet

Add Closet Shelf

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