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The Organizette!, Issue #93 -- Basic Rules of Being Organized
August 04, 2016

Welcome to the Newsletter. I hope you enjoy getting the newsletter and that it helps to keep you on track with your organizing goals. Remember, you can get a lot done in only 10 minutes of decluttering and organizing!

Table of Contents

-Monthly Mission – Laundry
-Check Out These Pages! – Relevant pages and new site additions
-Rules to Banish Clutter


Hello Everyone! It’s August, and the summer break is nearing it’s end and soon the kids will be back to school. I even put up my fresh new calendar (I prefer to go August to August along with the school year). We’re taking inventory of school clothes and class supplies while trying to enjoy those last few days of sleeping in and not having a lot of commitments.

While I was clearing out some old files off my computer, I ran across one called “Rules to Banish Clutter”. I thought I’d share it with you down below.

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The Monthly Mission – Laundry

I am of the mindset of “one-load-a-day” for keeping up with the laundry. In trying to save money on electricity, we have switched our electric supply option so that now more than ever, I need to get up early and get that one load done in the morning before the electric rates go up mid-morning. Or, I will have to wait until late at night to do it. For more information about August’s monthly mission and how to follow a laundry plan that works best for you, click here.

Keeping the Family Organized

Amy Knapp''s Big Grid Wall Calendar
is my ALL TIME favorite calendar with its huge boxes! And it's time to order a new one! With kids in school, I find it easier to use a 16 month calendar from August to August and this one works perfectly. Plus, it's super affordable!

If you prefer to go digital, you might enjoy the Cozi Family Organizer. You can sync everyone's schedules together at no charge.

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I Can't Wait!

If you’re in a hurry to put some order back into your home, perhaps Mimi Tanner's unique method will give you that jumpstart. Check out her method at Declutter Fast: How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately.

Check Out These Pages!

Here are some pertinent pages on the website you may have missed along with any new pages.

Garage Organizing - Take advantage of the spring weather to get outside and clean out your garage! Declutter the excess stuff and put everything else in its place.

Grocery Shopping Tips - Do you need to streamline your shopping trips? Learn how to get in and out in less than an hour, once a week.

Morning routine - Make your morning go smoother by planning ahead for your day.

Meal Planning - Plan ahead for meals to reduce trips to the grocery store and save time.

Vacation Packing Checklist - Heading out on a trip? Make sure you bring everything you need with this checklist.

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Rules to Banish Clutter

  • Have a place for everything. If something you own doesn’t have a place to be stored, it simply sits around becoming clutter.
  • When you’re finished using something, put it away. You can’t easily find something if it’s not where it’s supposed to be. To prevent wasting time looking for things, make sure you put them away in the first place.

  • The fewer things you own, the fewer things you have to store, maintain, put away, clean, etc. You don’t need to be a minimalist, just focus on getting rid of the clutter so you’re only caring for the things you value.

  • Only own things you use or that make you happy. Items in your home should be useful to you. If not, they should be something that makes you happy. If it’s neither of those things, it should be tossed or given away to someone who can use it.

  • One in, one out. If you buy a replacement item, get rid of the older item you’re replacing.

  • Everyone does their part. Everyone living in your home needs to be a team player and make an effort to do their part. For little kids, their part might just be putting their toys away, and for older kids and adults, divvy up the chores around the house.

  • Do a little every day. Find a plan that works best for you to put in about 30 min. of house work daily. It could mean getting up earlier, or doing it first thing when you get home from work. If you keep a daily routine, there will be less (or none) to do on the weekend. And we all want to enjoy our weekends!!!

    Until next time, happy organizing!

    Tracy Greene

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