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Monthly Mission - Garage (or basement or closets)

Organizing in the News - Clutter affects 88% of Homes

This statistic is found by The Australian Institute as a result of their study about how people deal with clutter. And, even though this is an Australian study, I believe it is true for all of us!

Click the following link to access the pdf document and read the interesting research study titled Stuff Happens – Unused things cluttering up our homes.

Recent Site Additions

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Monthly Mission - The Garage (or basement or closets)

As the weather starts to warm up it’s time to start thinking about getting out into that garage and tidying things up. Or overhauling it, as some of us might be doing. By decluttering and organizing your garage, you’ll be able to find your sporting goods, camping gear, gardening equipment, etc. so you can enjoy your summer! And if you’re the type who likes to hold garage sales, you’ll likely find a few things to sell one weekend. Of course, there is nothing wrong with donating good items to charity as well.

Organizing a garage can be a huge job. Once we got settled into this house, we installed some shelves and I thought we were pretty organized. But over time, things collect, corners fill up and things start to take on a life of their own. Also, we’re taking on the task of insulating and finishing the interior walls of our garage on top of reorganizing everything. So I’m going to be right along side all of you working on our garage.

If you don’t own a garage, perhaps you own a basement? Similar principals apply to basements as to garages since they are both usually large areas where things get stored to be dealt with on another day. May is that day (or month)!

No garage or basement? I’m sure you have some closets! Remember when we decluttered and organized our bedrooms I said we wouldn’t push you to organize your closets right then? Well, if you don’t have a garage/basement, or they’re already in perfect order, then now’s a great time to work on your closets.

(Of course, if you have a garage and a basement and a few closets that need help, I DON’T expect you to declutter them all in a single month. Pick one and focus there.)

Let’s tackle those storage spaces, together!

Here is the link to getting organized together in May

Until next time, happy organizing!


Tracy Greene

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