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-Did you know?
-Monthly Mission – Laundry
-What’s New on Plan-and-Organize-Life.com – Recent site additions
-Getting Out the Door On Time


Our summer here is flying by unbelievably fast! I can’t believe that my son starts school again already at the end of the month! We haven’t even done many of the activities we wanted to do before the new school year.

How did everyone do with trying to catch up last month? It’s so easy to walk past items that need to be put away and say “later”, but that’s how the problems got started in the first place. So I buckled down and actually got a few things done. I sorted through the children’s school work and took photos, filed some papers and purged others, cleaned off my desk and input all my post-it notes into address books or wherever they belonged, and bagged up some give-away stuff, just to name a few. Nothing major, but it felt good to know I made some progress, and that’s all we can really ask for. Some of those little projects actually take so little time, if we would just do them.

Did you know…

Well, just in case you’ve ever wondered about how many loads of laundry millions of people in America do in a typical week, the answers are at the other end of this link, along with some other interesting washer and dryer statistics. For example, 23.6 million out of 111.1 million people don’t use a dryer in their home.

Fun Washer and Dryer Statistics

The Monthly Mission – Laundry

We’ve all got it, and some of us have more than others… laundry. To read some ideas and strategies to get it done more efficiently, see the monthly mission for August, here.

Recent Site Additions

Here are some of the more recently added pages to the website you may have missed.

Streamline Your Morning Routine - Ideas to help you get out the door in the morning and be on time for work or school.

Storage Shed Organization - Before and after photos of my storage shed reorganization project.

Toy Organizing Project - After Christmas I had to do some toy re-organizing. Here is a before and after of my little toy organizing project.

Bathroom Drawer Make Over - How to organize a bathroom drawer, an example with before and after photos.

Stop Clutter - Quick simple tips on how to stop the clutter from coming into your home in the first place.

Organizing Your Magazines - Suggestions to help you downsize your piles of magazines and how to store them neatly.

Organize Your Junk Drawer - take control of that drawer you toss stray items into. Give it purpose with a few minutes and a little organization.

Organize Your Refrigerator - some simple guidelines to help you use your refrigerator more efficiently and waste less food.

Getting Out the Door On Time

These tips pertain to those with or without kids. Last year my son had afternoon kindergarten, and I’m expecting this year to be a whole new experience with getting both kids out the door in the morning!

The night before…

  • Check your family wall calendar the night before to see what events or appointments you need to prepare for the next day.

  • Put all necessary papers, projects, etc. in backpacks and briefcases and set them near the door.

  • Put all necessary gear (backpacks, briefcases, sports equipment, gym gear, etc.) near the door or in the car.

  • Pack lunches so they’re ready to go in the morning. Keep all chilled items ready made in the fridge to be tossed into the lunch box right before you leave.

  • Pick out what you plan to wear for tomorrow and set it out. Do you need to wear something special?

    This may seem like a big production as part of an evening routine, but these tasks are best done in the evening when you have more time. Mornings can get rushed and time is limited, not to mention some of us might still be sleepy, or even grumpy in the morning!

    To read more ideas to help you get out the door in the morning, click here.

    Until next time, happy organizing!


    Tracy Greene

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