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What’s New - Recent site additions
Article – Are You Ready?

Recent Additions

Here are some of the more recently added pages to the website you may have missed.

Christmas Organizing – everything you need to plan your holiday.

After Christmas Organizing – how to put everything away neatly to save space now and save time next year!

Declutter Your Life – decluttering more than your things, but your life in general.

About Me – just a little info about who I am and how I got this website started.

Are You Ready?

There’s only 10 days left until Christmas. I hope that doesn’t frighten you. I hope that instead you managed to implement some of the planning suggestions provided and got yourself organized a little early, and you’re sitting back with a glass of wine or your favorite beverage, enjoying the holiday music with friends and family.

If you’re still feeling a little disorganized and unsure about what to do next, sit down for a few minutes, take a deep breath, and make some lists. I find comfort in knowing that I don’t need to remember everything that must be done. Paper and electronic devices can save us from forgetting things and getting sidetracked. Use them to your advantage.

If you’re not even sure where to start, I have a basic to-do list to help guide you. You can find it on the To-do Lists page. I have been working from this list myself. I know what we’re going to eat, what foods I need to shop for, what gifts I need to buy, and what I’ve bought online that I’m expecting to be delivered, etc. There is still time!

I want to keep this short and simply wish you all a happy holiday season! I will see you in the new year with more monthly organizing tips!


Tracy Greene