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The Organizette!, Issue #106 -- Holiday Preparations
November 09, 2017

Welcome to the Newsletter. I hope you enjoy getting the newsletter and that it helps to keep you on track with your organizing goals. Remember, you can get a lot done in only 10 minutes of decluttering and organizing!

Table of Contents

-Monthly Mission – Holiday Planning
-Check Out These Pages! – Relevant pages and new site additions
-Non-Clutter Gift Ideas


Hi Everyone! Last month slipped by me. I celebrated a big milestone birthday and we threw a big party which took a lot of planning and cleaning time. Then, I got the greatest birthday surprise of all when my two sisters showed up from across the country! I didn’t have a clue! We had a very short 2 ½ days together, but I will remember it for a very long time. It was so good to see them. Then, there was post-party and post-visitor cleaning, regular life and preparing for Halloween.

It’s November now and we’re mostly back onto our normal routine. But it’s also the time of year that I start to get excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love making lists and checking things off, and this is a fun time of year to do it. (The tasks are more fun.)

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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The Monthly Mission – Holiday Planning

With Halloween over, Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season is upon us, sooner than we wish. (Heck, the stores have been decorated since before Halloween!! Kind of pushy in my opinion.) Anyway, if you want to get a head start, make a plan, and do a little bit every day instead of all at the very end in a panic, go to the November monthly mission, here.

Keeping the Family Organized

Amy Knapp's Wall Calendar is my ALL TIME favorite calendar with its huge boxes! And it's almost time to order a new one! With kids in school, I find it easier to use a calendar from August to August and this 16 month one works perfectly. Plus, it's super affordable!

If you prefer to go digital, you might enjoy the Cozi Family Organizer. You can sync everyone's schedules together at no charge.

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United States Postal Service Holiday Mailing Update

The USPS is working hard to deliver an estimated 15 billion pieces of mail this holiday season! They’re expanding their Sunday delivery to busy locations and adding online services. They’re not predicting a “busiest day” at the post office this year as they’re hoping to see more traffic online, where you can have the mail person come pick up your package when they come by for their regular delivery.

Here are some deadlines you might need to know:

  • Nov. 6 – APO/FPO/DPO USPS Retail Ground
  • Dec. 11 – APO/FPO/DPO Priority Mail & First Class Mail
  • Dec. 14 – USPS Retail Ground
  • Dec. 15 – Hawaii to Mainland Priority Mail & First Class
  • Dec. 16 – APO/FPO/DPO USPS Priority Mail Express
  • Dec. 16 – First Class Packages (up to 15.99 ounces)
  • Dec. 19 – First Class Mail (including greeting cards)
  • Dec. 20 – Priority Mail
  • Dec. 20 – Hawaii to Mainland Priority Mail Express
  • Dec. 20 – Alaska to Mainland Priority Mail & First Class
  • Dec. 21 – Alaska to Mainland Priority Mail Express
  • Dec. 22 – Priority Mail Express
To read the full USPS update about their Holiday strategies and ways to save time, click here.

I Can't Wait!

If you’re in a hurry to put some order back into your home, perhaps Mimi Tanner's unique method will give you that jumpstart. Check out her method at Declutter Fast: How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately.

Check Out These Pages!

Here are some pertinent pages on the website you may have missed along with any new pages.

Garage Organizing - It's almost summer with lots of warm weather... the perfect time to get out there and clean out that garage! Crank the tunes and bring your favorite beverage!

Organize Toys - The kids are out from school. Why not make a plan to have them help you organize all their toys?

Christmas Organizing - Get your holiday decorations sorted and organized in a functional manner.

Meal Planning - Plan ahead for meals to reduce trips to the grocery store and save time.

Christmas Gift Shopping - Time and money savers for gift shopping.

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Non-clutter Gift Ideas

The other day, in preparation for new windows in my kids’ rooms, and a daughter who didn’t heed the warnings weeks ahead of time, asking her to clear her room for the installers, we had to clear her room for her. (Although we’ve been asking her for months and years before now to clean her room in general.) Anyway, the method we used was very fast and satisfying. I took my arm and slid it across her desk pushing everything into a big box. Ahh…. I’ve been wanting to do that for so long! Everything on the floor was scooped up and put in a box as well. This revealed to us that she had beautiful carpet and a desk surface in which she could actually work on! We helped her move some furniture around to get the best use of her space and she was actually thrilled. Those two boxes of tiny items, scraps and junk will need to be sorted and either put away, or tossed. But until then, she’s enjoying her brand new spacious room, with a view.

That being said, we’re going to once again plead to our family to not buy the kids a lot of “stuff” for Christmas! They have so much already, much of it that lost its thrill within the first few weeks of getting it, and now they just take up space. Even though the kids are getting a bit older (pre-teens/teen), they still play with a handful of favorite items. Even more surprising, some of them are old and inexpensive. But that’s OK. Whatever makes them happy!

This weekend we’re going to do a full-on toy purge before the holidays. This is the perfect time to let go of what no longer interests them and make space for new items, or, just make space.

What are some non “stuff” things we’d be happy getting for X-mas? Here are a few ideas:

  • A gift certificate to one of our favorite restaurants.
  • A gift cart to one of our favorite stores we like to shop at, including Nintendo online games.
  • A subscription to a favorite magazine, beer of the month club, or a favorite food.
  • Tickets to a movie or a local show coming to town.
  • Tuition for a class such as cooking, art, dance, etc.
  • A gift certificate to an experience such as indoor sky diving, Segway tour of your local city, a whale watching trip (if you leave near the ocean), or horse back riding. Or maybe mini golf, pottery painting, or bowling.
  • A gift certificate to your favorite manicurist, hair stylist, a photo shoot at a studio, or even the service of house cleaning.
  • Clothing, though it’s a physical item, it’ll be used regularly.
  • Food, such as special chocolates, coffees or baked goods, or cheeses and crackers might be enjoyed, and consumed!

I like to get stuff too, but sometimes getting the opportunity to do something and make a memory is even better.

Until next time, happy organizing!

Tracy Greene

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