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News - Being Disorganized Costs Money
What’s New on Plan-and-Organize-Life.com - Recent site additions
Monthly Mission - Laundry

Organizing in the News - Being Disorganized Costs Money

This article focuses mainly on the benefits (time and money) of being organized in the work place, be it a home office or at a company office. You can expand this idea to your home in general as well… hunting for things is lost time… and time is money. Disorganization Costs Money

Recent Site Additions

Here are some of the more recently added pages to the website you may have missed.

Garage Organization – Basic steps to start tackling that messy garage.

Organizing Your Incoming Snail Mail – how to simply manage your daily paper mail.

Home Filing System - How to manage all that paper that is part of life.

Chore Charts – Basic chore chart ideas to get the rest of the family involved in cleaning and organizing.

Laundry - Tips on how to manage your laundry so it doesn't take over your home and your time.

Monthly Mission - Laundry

Laundry is something we all must deal with, or hire someone to deal with it for us.

When I lived in an apartment and had to use the laundry room in the building I pretty much hated it. I would try to do it once a week if I could find the time and a machine. My laundry basket would pile up in the meantime, frustrating me. I did love the end of laundry day, when everything was clean, put away, and my laundry basket was empty. Jump to now… though my laundry machines are in the garage (not my first choice), I am very appreciative to have them in my home. And now I have laundry down to an easy routine that isn’t too terrible at all. It’s actually one of the household duties I hate the least. (I could say “enjoy the most” but I’d be lying because chores in general, to me, are not all that enjoyable. Haha)

Click the August link below to read how I get my laundry done without too much hassle.

Here is the link to getting organized in August

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